Bepannah – Full Episode 2 – With English Subtitles

Bepannah – Full Episode 2 – With English Subtitles:-

At the hospital, Aditya and Zoya struggle with the fact that their spouses were cheating on them. While Aditya relates it to his father’s adulterous behaviour, Zoya refuses to believe that Yash could betray her. Will the doctor’s reports reveal the truth? Stay tuned to find out. Aditya and Zoya are madly in love with their respective partners,

until one day their worlds collide in the most shocking twist. Their spouses are found together, after losing their lives in a brutal accident! Dealing with the unbearable loss, Aditya and Zoya are hounded by many unanswered questions – why were their partners together? Were they having an affair? Were their marriages nothing but just a sham? Watch this complicated story of love and betrayal unfold now on Colors.

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