Khaas Episode 23 Story Review – So Far So Good

Khaas Episode 23 Story Review – So Far So Good

Opening Thoughts – Toxic Relationships:

Ohkay so, this was yet another episode of Khaas that did not disappoint. However, the last scene of this episode had me rolling my eyes but I will come to that later. The story is still intense & interesting. While watching this episode of Khaas, I once again found myself praising the writer for bringing such a subject to the table which hasn’t been spoken about in any of our dramas before. Yes, we have seen toxic relationships in our dramas a lot of times but to show a character like Ammar & then elaborate his personality traits in such a clean manner is praise-worthy. I really like Khaas for the fact that this drama focuses on such relationships or spouses who do not show any signs of dysfunction but the torture is purely mental & emotional, which no one actually understands or can relate to. This is the reason why it took Saba so long to explain what she has been through while being married to a man like Ammar!

So Far So Good:

Ammar thinks his life is finally settled, he has scored himself a trophy wife, his life is complete that is why he is out to focus on things which he should not be concerned with in the first place. Ammar actually has forgotten what Salma is putting him through & may be because Salma left, Ammar got the time to get distracted from his personal problems, that is why he felt entitled to poke his nose in Saba & Fakhir’s lives like it was his business. Ammar thinks he still has to prove something to Saba & because he can’t even fathom the idea of seeing Saba & Fakhir happy together, he decided to disturb them once again. Even though Ammar has divorced Saba but he still thinks he owns her or may be because he owned her in the past, she still belongs to him & that he gets to decide what she should & shouldn’t be doing in her life. Ammar will hate to see Saba getting married to a guy who Ammar deemed as a lowlife, someone he looked down upon, so for Saba to get married to him & give him the status that Ammar once had in the past is actually an insult to an egoistic man like him. This is the exact reason why Ammar not only spoke to Saba but also decided to speak to Faraz, the character that I find loathsome, even more than Ammar!

Saba continued to bear the brunt of her divorce, as if it wasn’t obvious with her family’s attitude that now she also got to hear them speak against her & blame her for everything. While watching Sadaf & Samreen having a conversation about Saba & her divorce made me feel that Saba didn’t need enemies in her life, because her family was perfectly doing the honors for her. Saba was once again forced to think about her past & feel helpless at the thought that her family still deemed her as the culprit & solely responsible for this divorce.

Salma’s mother can totally sense that Ammar is not the kind of guy who will do what it takes to keep Salma happy. She can see that Ammar is so full of himself that he doesn’t know how to entertain Salma & her ego. The scene where Salma called Ammar & he smirked was done so well, Ammar knew that he won & it showed how two egoistic people were now bound in a relationship & were trying hard to work things out. Salma’s mother has surely assessed Ammar rightly, that is why she has started to knock some sense into Salma because she can totally see Salma getting hurt & disappointed when Ammar will not meet her expectations or does what she says!

Fakhir proved to Saba that he was serious about her & that he was a man of his word. Fakhir knew it quite well that Faraz will not only mistreat him but his aunt as well, still he decided to meet him in a hope that he will be able to convince Saba’s father. That entire scene seemed like a bad editing job where the three actors were shot separately & then their dialogues were combined to make it look like a one scene. Anyways, later Faraz felt a little uneasy after he misbehaved with Fakhir & his aunt, he could totally feel that Fakhir was not mucking around. Fakhir & Saba’s conversations were nicely done. Fakhir has let Saba know the kind of life partner he will be for Saba. Also, I am glad even if it is still in a theory but they have repeatedly shown Saba talking about finding a job. Saba knows her potential & even before she got married to Ammar, she dreamt of doing a job for herself, so even after going through so much, Saba hasn’t given up on her dream. Yes, the memories attached to the idea of her job are bitter but with Fakhir’s emotional support, she will be able to forget all of that & focus on her career.

Anum’s role in this entire situation was not only unexpected but perfect too. To be honest, all this while I had completely forgotten about Anum & the fact that she could vouch for Fakhir but she finally did. To be honest, I am still not sure why Javeria hasn’t shown up at Saba’s place to explain everything to her parents? What is she waiting for? As much as I like Javeria when she puts Ammar in his right place & continues to give him all sorts of reality checks, I am not quite understanding why she is stalling & not meeting Saba’s parents? After Javeria found out that Fakhir had proposed, she should’ve hurried to see Saba’s family so that she can help Fakhir get his message across & tell Faraz about the kind of person Ammar actually is. I am glad that with Anum coming back in the picture, Fakhir’s side of the story was made clear but I wish someone does tell Faraz about the kind of manipulative liar Ammar actually is.

Closing Thoughts – Ping Pong Ball:

This episode of Khaas was once again Khaas. So far I haven’t had any complaints with this drama but I will say the last scene did leave me a little disappointed, only because I felt Faraz got away too easily. I swear the tough time that he gave Saba & the hell he put his daughter through, I wanted to see him getting humiliated by Ammar to come back to his senses. To be honest, as much as Anum’s explanation was apt, I did feel it wasn’t sooooo convincing to change rigid & stubborn Faraz’s perspective just so quickly. I know that Faraz was embarrassed & ashamed that he was about to get Saba married to the wrong person but still, it didn’t seem too convincing that the moment Anum came, Faraz immediately believed her. I think they should’ve also shown Javeria & Anum talking to Faraz back to back & both their testimonies opening his eyes properly because the way he behaved made him look immature.

Oh yes, I remember at that moment, when I saw Faraz changing his attitude & mindset quickly, I called Faraz a ping pong ball & now looking back at the way he has behaved over the last few episodes & this one in particular, he sure is a ping pong ball who fluctuates & bounces around a bit too quickly. Ping pong balls also do not have a brain of their own, they just follow the hit they get so yes, Faraz is a ping pong ball. I mean I find it amusing that he believes anything that anyone says without putting much thought to it. Faraz hated Saba because he believed Ammar, he also chose to oppose Fakhir’s proposal because Ammar said so, didn’t bother believing all the things that Saba had said & now all of a sudden, Anum came & he believed her without wasting a second? What a ping pong ball! Anyways, I am glad that Saba finally got a chance to explain her position to Faraz but still I so don’t want them to end the drama without Faraz & Sadaf ever knowing what Ammar used to say about them or the kind of person he actually is.

Kanwal was disappointed at the fact that both the daughters in law that she got were not ideal, I thought why she hasn’t ever wondered that her own son could be the culprit? I am glad that Farah has finally started speaking in favor of Saba, not once but repeatedly. I think Farah will make sure to convince everyone that Saba actually was nice & it was Ammar who did not cherish her or treat her the way she deserved to be treated. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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